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Batting Partnerships

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1151 Hayden Pollock - Damien Bounden Muddies Cricket ClubC3 Grade6 1 Taringa Rovers
2141 Michael Bavin - Yasar Khan Muddies Cricket ClubC1 Grade3 1 Stafford District
398 Brett Stevens - tim batty Muddies Cricket ClubC1 Grade7 1 Wolston Park/Centenary
4116 Damian MacNamara - Lewis Sharland Muddies Cricket ClubC1 Grade10 1 Bracken Ridge
5107 Caleb Montgomery - Lucas Gist Muddies Cricket ClubC2 Grade8 1 Kenmore
6111 Daniel Bevan - Lewis Sharland Muddies Cricket ClubDivision 1B Pre Xmas6 1 Holland Park Junior
777 Daniel Bevan - Brian Zacharias Muddies Cricket ClubC2 Grade12 1 Everton Districts
878 taylor brown - Lewis Sharland Muddies Cricket ClubC1 Grade8 2 Stafford District
961 Chris Miln - Darren Rossiter Muddies Cricket ClubKookaburra Sports A1 Grade12 1 Stafford District
10130 Martin Baumbach - Lucas Gist Muddies Cricket ClubDivision 1B Pre Xmas4 1 Redland Sharks

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