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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
110552764915126033372780105Mark L MillwardMuddies2019/2020B1 Grade8 1Coorparoo
210369262615126033292641103*Caleb MontgomeryMuddies2019/2020Division 2 Pre Xmas4 1Holland Park Juniors
39211139191512603329263992Jack BrowningMuddies2019/2020Division 2 Pre Xmas3 1Sharks Red
47918584751512603337275979Jack PattersonMuddies2019/2020C4 GRADE7 1Redland Sharks
5769645681512603337260776*Daniel BevanMuddies2019/2020B1 Grade6 2Springwood Suns
6718945351512603337516171*Lewis SharlandMuddies2019/2020B1 Grade9 1Wellington Point
76615954161512603340678166Damien R BoundenMuddies2019/2020C4 GRADESF 1Rochedale South
8614783241512603337776661*Mark ScherliesMuddies2019/2020B1 Grade13 1Springwood Suns
96115954161512603337518361*Damien R BoundenMuddies2019/2020C4 GRADE9 1Coorparoo
106012544201512603337764460*Hayden PollockMuddies2019/2020C4 GRADE11 1Rochedale South
115315954161512603322153253Damien R BoundenMuddies2019/2020C1 Grade2 1Bracken Ridge
12538980211512603336373353Reuben CollettMuddies2019/2020C4 GRADE5 1Brisbane Saints CC
135112544201512603336373351Hayden PollockMuddies2019/2020C4 GRADE5 1Brisbane Saints CC
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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