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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
111196456815326033610141111*Daniel BevanMuddies2020/2021C1 Grade7 1Stafford District
28910532951532603361008189Michael BavinMuddies2020/2021C1 Grade6 2Alexandra Hills
37612891411532603349474276*Jacob OrbellMuddies2020/2021Div 6 PreXmas 20-215 1Holland Park Junior B
47514811611532603349474275*Brayden GossMuddies2020/2021Div 6 PreXmas 20-215 1Holland Park Junior B
57520666991532603347223275Jason LauMuddies2020/2021C2 Grade1 1Logan City
67411385591532603349474174*Finlay RedheadMuddies2020/2021Div 6 PreXmas 20-214 2Mansfield Buccaneers
76810532951532603347222968Michael BavinMuddies2020/2021C1 Grade1 1Alexandra Hills
86614811611532603349473666*Brayden GossMuddies2020/2021Div 6 PreXmas 20-212 1Holland Park Junior B
96518594841532603361030365Lachlan IrelandMuddies2020/2021C2 Grade8 1Logan City
10636926261532603361014163Caleb MontgomeryMuddies2020/2021C1 Grade7 1Stafford District
11587650761532603361011758Gurjit pal SinghMuddies2020/2021C2 Grade6 2South Brisbane Juniors A
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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