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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1905276491552603383442590Mark L MillwardMuddies2021/2022B3 Grade4 1Brisbane Saints CC
28419157961552603383529184*Jake MatthewsMuddies Red2021/2022Division 5 Pre Xmas 21-225 1Sharks White
3825276491552603388619782Mark L MillwardMuddies2021/2022B3 Grade6 1Alexandra Hills
4789645681552603388619778Daniel BevanMuddies2021/2022B3 Grade6 1Alexandra Hills
57711437911552603393710477Luke ButcherMuddies2021/2022B3 Grade7 1Coorparoo
67511437911552603388619775Luke ButcherMuddies2021/2022B3 Grade6 1Alexandra Hills
7729645681552603393710472*Daniel BevanMuddies2021/2022B3 Grade7 1Coorparoo
8715276491552603381527771Mark L MillwardMuddies2021/2022B3 Grade2 1Coorparoo
96611437911552603383501366Luke ButcherMuddies2021/2022B3 Grade5 1Cleveland Thornlands
106211067691552603383529062Joshua M BarrettMuddies Red2021/2022Division 5 Pre Xmas 21-224 1HP Green
116015954161552603380991760Damien R BoundenMuddies2021/2022C2 Grade1 1Rochedale South
125610966081552603383501356Bentley MartinMuddies2021/2022B3 Grade5 1Cleveland Thornlands
135312891411552603383522953*Jacob OrbellMuddies Green2021/2022Division 3 Pre Xmas 21-224 1Wynnum Gold
145219157961552603383528552*Jake MatthewsMuddies Red2021/2022Division 5 Pre Xmas 21-222 1Sharks White
155214171381552603383521352Will LarcombeMuddies2021/2022Division 2 Pre Xmas 21-222 1Mansfield
16526926261552603381703852*Caleb MontgomeryMuddies2021/2022B3 Grade3 1Springwood Suns
17509645681552603381527750Daniel BevanMuddies2021/2022B3 Grade2 1Coorparoo
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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