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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubQSDCA: C1 GradeQSDCA: C2 GradeBEARs: Div 6 PreXmas 20-21RCI: Tigers Trebles Pre-Xmas LabuschagneQSDCA: C1 GradeQSDCA: C2 GradeBEARs: Div 6 PreXmas 20-21RCI: Tigers Trebles Pre-Xmas Labuschagne
Adams, Michael GMuddies Cricket Club07000700
Arthur, JakeMuddies Cricket Club00900090
Bavin, MichaelMuddies Cricket Club80008000
Bevan, DanielMuddies Cricket Club70007000
Bounden, Damien RMuddies Cricket Club04000400
Bounden, RyleyMuddies Cricket Club05000500
Browning, JackMuddies Cricket Club1000010000
Buckle, LachlanMuddies Cricket Club00900090
Butcher, LukeMuddies Cricket Club90009000
Butler, LukeMuddies Cricket Club1100011000
Byrne, JackMuddies Cricket Club06000600
Cairns, LiamMuddies Cricket Club80008000
Collett, ReubenMuddies Cricket Club0110001100
Collett, StevenMuddies Cricket Club01000100
Cooling, Michael JMuddies Cricket Club10001000
Crighton, MatthewMuddies Cricket Club06000600
Dahler, LachlanMuddies Cricket Club1100011000
Fitzpatrick, PeterMuddies Cricket Club1200012000
Gilligan-Davies, RianMuddies Cricket Club00900090
Gist, AndrewMuddies Cricket Club04000400
Gist, LucasMuddies Cricket Club09000900
Goss, BraydenMuddies Cricket Club00900090
Ireland, LachlanMuddies Cricket Club02000200
Joyce, BenjaminMuddies Cricket Club02000200
Khan, KhaledMuddies Cricket Club0100001000
Lack, BadenMuddies Cricket Club00900090
Larcombe, WillMuddies Cricket Club20002000
Lau, JasonMuddies Cricket Club02000200
Lewin, OwenMuddies Cricket Club00800080
Lyndon-Floate, DarryllMuddies Cricket Club22002200
Martin, BentleyMuddies Cricket Club1000010000
martin, JamesMuddies Cricket Club1200012000
Mason, GrahamMuddies Cricket Club02000200
Mathison, JosephMuddies Cricket Club1100011000
Millward, Mark LMuddies Cricket Club50005000
Montgomery, CalebMuddies Cricket Club1100011000
Muthukannan, PrabhanjanMuddies Cricket Club00500050
Orbell, JacobMuddies Cricket Club00900090
Patterson, JackMuddies Cricket Club07000700
Pollock, Tony AMuddies Cricket Club02000200
Redhead, FinlayMuddies Cricket Club00900090
Robertson, ElyMuddies Cricket Club04000400
Robertson, MerrickMuddies Cricket Club0110001100
Scherlies, MarkMuddies Cricket Club50005000
Schuller, BryanMuddies Cricket Club82008200
Seabrook, JoshuaMuddies Cricket Club09000900
Seabrook, Ronnie RMuddies Cricket Club09000900
Singh, Gurjit palMuddies Cricket Club09000900
Spann, ConnorMuddies Cricket Club00700070
Spann, JoshuaMuddies Cricket Club00700070