Honour Board

Award Recipient Details
Trebles Green Best Player Billy Perry    
Trebles Green Best Team Player Sean Clark    
Trebles Green Most Improved Player Blake Hall    
Trebles Red Best Player Sam McKennariey    
Trebles Red Best Team Player   Owen Wilson  
Trebles Red Most Improved Player Samual Birt    
Trebles Black Best Player Elliott Fittell    
Trebles Black Best Team Player Alexander Barnes    
Trebles Black Best Team Player Bonnie Saunders    
Trebles Black Most Improved Player Ethan Lang    
BEARS Div 5 Best Bowler Caleb Buckley    
BEARS Div 5 Best Batter Makayla Montgomery    
BEARS Div 5 Best Fielder Kaleb Eden    
BEARS Div 5 Coaches Award Joseph Mathison    
BEARS Div 1 Best Bowler Thomas Walker    
BEARS Div 1 Best Batter Cade Linde    
BEARS Div 1 Best Fielder Caleb Montgomery    
BEARS Div 1 Coaches Award Lucas Gist    
Junior Player of the Season Thomas Walker   Perpetual Trophy  
Club Female Supporter Donna Cairns   Perpetual Trophy  
Male Supporter of the Year Bruce Bevan   Perpetual Trophy  
Club Supporter of the Year   James & Casee Martin